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Irrigation Systems                         
Paris-Puryear, TN

Irrigation systems require lots of specialized products to build
them. Below you will see several products available to build a
complete irrigation system, or if you prefer to just hook up a
hose and water there are some great sprinklers we like listed.

You can use the simple portable sprinklers that you just set and
turn on, then move, repeat. Or a traveling sprinkler that will
move over the lawn, covering almost all of it without having to
be reset. Or, you may want to put in an elaborate automatic
sprinkler system.

No matter which route you want to take, you can find what you
need below.

If you have questions about what type of sprinkler is best for
you feel free to drop us an email question.

If you are going to build your own system, look below for these
items, these are the minimum of what you will need.
  • Irrigation Timer         Irrigation Valves
  • Irrigation Heads       Rotor Heads for open, long throw
  • Irrigation Heads       Spray heads for smaller areas/shrub beds
  • Irrigation Valve Wire        Water proof wire nuts
  • PVC Pipe (local)
There are a few more items you will have to have to completely build a
system, you can refer to our Irrigation System Installing Page for a complete