Woodworking became a hobby of mine 5 or so years ago. Just
something I love to do. I make things for other people mostly.
Thought I would share a few projects, even though it has nothing to
do with landscaping. Enjoy the projects, if you like this sort of thing,
comments and questions are welcome to
Comments or Questons
White Oak Jewelry Box
White Oak Jewelry Box with Chestnut
White Oak Jewelry Box, Light Stain
Same design, white oak with Honey
Oak stain.
Steamer Trunk, Red Oak Trim, Oak Plywood
Steamer trunk made from Oak Ply with
Solid Oak trim pieces. Trim pieces
resawed from 2" by 3/4 oak strips.
Sofa Table,with display window's
One of a Pair of Sofa tables I made for
my lovely wife. They have three glass
display windows in each.
House Sign, Barnwood, Wormholes
House sign I made for little Boo Boo
and Little Red's new home they just
bought. A little house warming present.
They were married in 2004.
Cockatoo,layered bird
A Cockatoo to live in the Tiki Hut. This
Picture was taken in it's owner's
kitchen. It is supposed to move to the
Tiki Hut in spring when it warms up.
Wine Rack, Red Oak Hardwood, Oak Plywood
Wine Rack. Another gift for Little Red
and Boo Boo.
Patriotic "Frosty" was made for my
brother-in-law, he recently returned from
Iraq, Major Terald M. Kiehn, and we made it
for his house to welcome him home. My
wife painted it, I just cut it out.
Plywood Frosty, Red Oak Flag Display Box, Red Oak Keep Sake Box
Flag display case was Christmas present
for the same Brother-in-law, He has a flag
that was flown in his camp in Iraq to display.
This box I built for two of my employees.
Both of them had babies within 2 days of
each other. Their wives or them had no Idea
I was making the boxes for them, even
though I was building them in the shop
where we work. They just thought it was
another woodworking project I was on. I
made them both out of Oak, the top box is
trimmed with Mahogany, the other is
trimmed with oak. I kept asking the guys,
which one do you like better? Made it easy
to give which one to them. They were made
as "keepsake" boxes for their babies, both
had girls, I made name plates for the
insides of them.
Keepsake Boxes
The end table at left was made for a
customer. I cut down 7 White oak trees out
of their yard last year. Had it sawn up into
lumber, dried it in my shop and made this
table for them out of the wood. Just a
momento for them.
This is the box made out of Oak
Picnic Table Benches, Tiki Hut, Spalted Maple Table
The bench at left was made for another
employee, they had a long table and needed
a set of benches for it.

The Deck below was made around an
above ground pool. As I was finishing the
customer came out and said, "can you
build me a Tiki Hut? I said, sure .....What's a
Tiki Hut ? So, after looking at a picture this
is my version of a South Pacific Tiki Hut.
Spalted Maple Table
Spalted Maple Tables
Spalted Maple Table Top
Log End Table
Spalted Maple Top, Log Leg End Table. The
Spalted Maple was found in my log stash
when I had it cut up into lumber.
Another version of the log table, with half log
Here are the Pair. Lower shelf has been
added. You can't see it too well in this picture
but there are lots of worm holes in the wood
as well. They should be a nice addition to a
Log House in Construction.
Close up of the Spalted Maple Top.
UT Stereo Stand, Red Oak
Oak UT, table sign
UT Vols Stereo Stand,
click on pic for larger
UT T   Made from scrap
firewood block.  click on
pic for larger version
Wood Working Projects
Pergola, Treated Wood, Stained Blue-Grey
Pergola built for a display, treated wood, 14 X
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