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Spring Is Here!
Things that need to be done in April
Now that the weather has warmed up, at least in our area of
North West Tennessee, it's time to really get fired up about
your lawn and landscape maintenance. So here are a few lawn
care tips and landscaping tips to get you started.

Your lawn should have already had an application of Pre
emergent weed control and possibly Post emergent weed
control for some dandelions, Henbit, wild onion, wild garlic and
other winter weeds. Now it's time for another round.

Depending on where you live, you may need another
application of pre emergent weed control to keep the
Crabgrass out. The longer your growing season, the longer
you need to stretch out your weed control protection. And by
now you are probably seeing a bunch of dandelions and other
summer annual weeds that are starting to stand up. Use one of
the 4 step program products you can find at Lowe's or Home
Depot or such. These are simple programs, the bag tells you
when to put it down for what kind of weed your trying to

If you haven't
aerated this season now is a good time. Lime
application can be put down still, actually there is never a
time for lime. Some areas of the Country you can seed in April.
Most of the areas the Spring seeding time is March 15 to April
15. I prefer seeding in Fall though, you get much better root
system started by Winter and going into next summer the grass
will survive much better. What ever you can do for your lawn
early in the season now will help the lawn make it through the
harsh summer, so if you haven't already done some of these
Lawn Care Tips, get with it!

For your Landscape, there is still time to prune, being
selective on which plants are still to bloom this year. Mulching,
edging of the landscape beds, weeding and put down a weed
control granule to stop the germination of weeds in those
beds to eliminate maybe 90% of your hand weed pulling.
Everything you can do now to prevent weeds in those beds
will make the season easier for you later. Spring is a good time
to plant a few replacement shrubs and trees if you lost any last
year.  Be sure to keep them watered through the summer
during any periods of long hot and dry days. This past summer
set drought records going back 120 years in the TN. Valley,
maybe we won't have that this year.

If you have any specific questions about Lawn and Landscape
Tips or problems you may be having on your Lawn and
Landscape, drop us an email, we will be glad to answer as
many questions as we can.   
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