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August Lawn Care Tips

August brings us the hottest part of the year in most parts of the
Country, and with it are some tough conditions for your lawn. If
you're in the South the temps can get above 100 for several days,
this creates a situation where some grass types are wilting and
going into dormancy to keep from dying, while other grasses can
die out if they aren't getting the water they need.

Cool season grasses are hit the worst during this time of the year. If
you are in the South, transition zone or below, Fescue, Bluegrass
and Ryegrasses are hit bad. You can help them by mowing these
grasses higher than normal, mow at least at 3" to 4" high. This will
give the crown a little more shade as well as the soil some shade.
If you mow cool season grasses low, scalping it, you will most
likely send the grass into dormancy, or even kill it.

Keep the water going to save these cool season grasses from dying
or at least going dormant. Water infrequently, and for long periods
of time to let the water soak down deep. During this time of the
year the air temps and wind will rob the soil of a substantial
amount of water you are putting down. What was enough water
back in June is all of a sudden not half enough. So add some time
to your watering to be sure you get enough water down to soak into
the root zone by 6" or so. This may take watering 30 to 45 minutes
per zone, you'll just have to water and check the soil to be sure you
watered enough.

Warm season grasses like Bermuda grass, Zoysia Grass, Buffalo
Grass and a few others will thrive in hight temperatures, as long as
you keep the water to them. These grasses like 85-95 degrees, and
will keep thriving over 100 with proper water and maintenance

Mowing on warm season grasses can be lower than on cool season
grasses because they are so tough. You can still mow Bermuda
down as low as 3/8" as they do on lots of golf courses. But, if you
are regularly mowing your warm season grass at 2", don't cut it
down to 1/2" in one cutting, you will turn it brown and it will be
nothing but stalky stems.

If you have tall Bermuda or Zoysia and you want to get it down to
1" or lower, follow the 1/3 rule. Never cut more than 1/3 of the grass
blade off at one time. This means you might have to cut it today,
cut it again in 5 days a little lower, then cut it again to the final
height that you want it to be at.

You can still put fertilizer on warm season grasses, but only if you
water it in with irrigation or wait until just before a rainfall. Fescue
and other cool season grasses should not be fertilized or have
weed control put on them during the harshest of temperatures of
August. Some slow release fertilizers are OK, if they are 100% slow
release, and you irrigate immediately afterwards.

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