December Lawn Tips &
Landscaping Ideas
December Lawn Care Tips and Landscaping Ideas

Most lawn and landscaping chores for the Fall have been done by now in preparation for the
Winter. There are a few items to do though.

Keep the leaves gathered up off the Lawn and out of the Landscape beds, they will kill the
grass if left all Winter long and if they are deep enough. They also add to the acid content of
the soil causing the Ph to get out of whack. This could cause moss to start growing in the lawn
and making your grass get thinner.

Pruning can be done on most Landscape plants through out the winter. Most plants can be cut
back hard while they are dormant. After most of the tree's and deciduous plants have lost their
leaves you know it's safe to give the plants a good pruning. If you are just going to shape them
up, be sure you cut deep enough to get all the new growth off, and get back down to where the
original size was. A common mistake we see when homeowners prune themselves is that they
just cut the outer new growth off, this lets the shrubs get larger and larger as the years go by,
even though you are pruning. Don't be afraid to cut them back hard!

Sodding can be done anytime of year and winter is a good time. Even if you need Zoysia or
Bermuda grass it can be placed while dormant. Peole will sometime ask us, "why are you putting
down dead grass?" The grass isn't dead, it's just dormant and it will green right up when late
spring gets here. The roots will grow throughout the winter and get the sod rooted down to the

Christmas time is coming also and you can use some of the prunings from the Holly
tree's and shrubs if you have some, for decorations. And of course it's time to get out the lights
and string them up on the house. You might want some Mistle Toe, but you might not know that
it grows in the canopy of mature hardwood trees out in the woods. If you are a hunter, you
probably know this. A marksman with a 22 rifle can shoot some out of the tree for you. Or, if like
me and not such a good shot, you can take a shotgun and shoot a batch of it out of the tree. It
will get busted into lots of small pieces, but that's usually what you want anyway.

Juniper clippings can also be used for decorations if you have some Juniper plants on your

You can also put down pre-emergent herbicides in your landscape beds if you haven't done
that in the last couple of months. This herbicide keeps a weed seed from germinating, it doesn't
kill an existing weed that's growing, you will just have to pull those. But once the weeds are
cleaned out, they numbers that return from seed will be less and less as you continue to use the
shrub bed herbicide. It won't hurt the plants, but kills the weed seeds.
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