LawnMasters Lawn and Landscape
Hardscape Projects
Deck, Pergola, Walking Bridge over a creek, Water Garden,
Gazebo, Paver Patio or any structure you can imagine for your
Lawn & Landscape, we can build it for you. From Decks built
from treated wood to the newest material, Composite
Decking, which is a material made from a combination of
recycled plastics and wood fibers. Colored clear through the
boards, they don't loose their color if scratched, they are
strong and never have to be painted or stained or treated in
any way. We can do patios built from concrete Pavers or
poured concrete. Standard gray concrete or Pea Stone

The photos below are examples of what can be built from
Composite Materials or Treated Wood Materials as well as
Concrete Patio and retaining walls. Please call us if we can
answer any questions or email us
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The deck to left is a Composite
decking material with Log post
and rail/ballister. It's a nice
look with a combination of old  
materials and the new
generation of materials.
The deck to the left is a
Composite material in two
colors. Contrasting colors
break up the large areas and
Material in a Redwood
Photo to left is a
Cumberland Cobble Stone
Paver walkway. paver
walks do not have to be
straight textured surface
provides old world
cobblestone feel.
A Cumberland Cobble paver
deck around a Pool. This
style of paver has three
sizes that are randomly
mixed providing a
non-uniform look.
Brick Flower Planter built by LawnMasters
The brick flower planter above was built for one of our
customers, we also poured the fresh concrete it's
sitting on, and built a retaining wall for them
How about a firepit and bench? We can build
anything you can imagine. Give us a call for
your estimate and design.
Retaining wall around a
swimming pool. Terra Cotta
Paver patio built by LawnMasters
A Paver walkway and patio
Paver patio and retaining wall to gain
usable space in the back yard.
Paver patio, walk and new
composite deck