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July Lawn Care Tips                                                         Puryear,TN
Summer is getting hotter
July is the month I get into full swing in smoking shoulders, ribs, butts
and grilling. Hopefully you have gotten all of the chores and tasks
done in the lawn and landscape earlier in the year so now you can
have a BBQ and and enjoy your hard work on the lawn and
landscape so far this year. There are a few things you might want to
do to protect your lawn during the hot weather.

First start cutting the grass a little taller during the hot weather if you
have Fescue, Bluegrass, or Ryegrass. These cool season grasses
will fight the effects of heat and drought better if cut no lower than 3"
during July and August. Cutting lower will just put too much stress on
the grass during hot weather. Be sure to
water deeply and as
infrequently as you can to put  down a minimum of 1" per week. It
might take 3 waterings per week, or you might get it down with one
watering. Grass type, soil type, terrain, the lay of your lawn, etc., all
have a part in how you need to water.

For shrubs and trees, don't do any pruning during the hot months if
you can keep from it. In the Fall you can cut a lot of excess growth
off, with no harm. During July if you cut the same amount off you
would in Jan, you may kill the plant, shrub or tree. Just wait until fall to
shape up your shrubs and trees.

If you have Bermuda grass, you can seed it now if you have large
bare spots that need filling in. Small bare spots will quickly fill in with
proper fertilizing, watering, mowing and other cultural practices that
you should be doing anyway.

Fescue and other cool season grasses can not be seeded now with
good results. The grass will come up, but just die from the heat and
lack of water. Fescue, and other
cool season grasses need to be
seeded in Fall for best results.

Fertilizer and weed control applications can still be applied during the
Summer, but just be careful to not put too much fertilizer on the lawn,
as it will burn the grass.