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Summer Time is Here
Now that summer is on us, things might be getting dry. Be sure your lawn
is getting enough water. As a general rule, you want to get at least an
inch of water per week to keep a good green and healthy lawn. Some
grasses can get by with less water, but all plants, grass included, will do
better with adequate water instead of having to stress for it. If you are
watering and don't know when you have put down an inch of water, just
put a pie pan down and let the sprinklers hit it. When it fills up to an inch
on the side, your done!  Traveling Sprinklers are great for making your
watering chore easier, just turn it on, it turns itself off when done.

We have used the Nelson Rain Train a lot and love it! It is the next best
thing to having an automatic sprinkler system!

Landscape plants require less water than grass, water if you know what
to look for. Some plants will start wilting their leaves very quickly if they
are needing water, others will last longer before showing stress. That's
just the difference in some plants. Those that are more drought tolerant
will last longer before showing signs of drought stress.

June is still early enough to prune some plants if needed, so you can
clean up some plants or do full pruning if needed. Planting new plants
can still be done, you may just have to water a little more to keep them
bright and plenty healthy. We landscape all through the year, every
month we are planting new plants, the only difference is during hot dry
weather we have to water more.

Hardscape projects can be done anytime of the year since the product
isn't going to die from lack of water, however during dry periods the
ground will be firmer so it is usually easier to get material to your worksite
without tearing up the rest of the lawn, so now is a good time to get busy
on a paver patio or retaining wall or a new concrete sidewalk.
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