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Landscaping Ideas and Tips for May

The temps are coming up, grass is greening up, of course those
weeds are coming up also, but with warmth comes the good and
the bad. For the lawn, you should have already put down
pre-emergent herbicide to help keep the crabgrass out. For
landscape beds and flower beds you should have already done
the same.
A granular product that is pre emergent only for the
beds. Remember to read the label on any product you put on your
lawn or landscape. Just one slip up and using the wrong
chemical in the wrong place can cost you thousands. We get
calls each year from distraught people who have "something
wrong" with their shrubs and flowers. Sometimes it takes some
detective work to finally get the people to admit that they put
something on the plants or the lawn, but it is a terrible thing to
see. And I'm sure the people are just crushed that they are
responsible for killing their Lawn or Landscape.  The main point,
read the label, don't guess.

By now your probably mowing, just to get out of the house if
nothing else, but maybe farther south you have real grass to be
cutting, Bermuda and Zoysia isn't out of dormancy yet but any
weeds sticking up could be cut.

Be sure to have your mower serviced before you get started, and
keep an extra set of sharp blades around. One very simple things
you can do to keep your lawn looking better is to always have
sharp blades on the mower. A dull blade will tear the grass
instead of cutting it. This leaves a brown or tan haze across the
surface of the lawn as the grass grows back out.

Lawn grass grows from the bottom out, so the frayed edge of the
grass blade will stay frayed and yellow looking until you cut it
again. You may not even realize it until you get down and
examine the grass closely. You will see a torn grass blade tip if
your mower blades are dull.  It doesn't cost you a thing if your
sharpening your own blades to keep them sharp, even if you have
to pay someone to sharpen them for you, it's one of the least
expensive things you can do for your lawn to make it look better.
Aerating can still be done, which is another very inexpensive
thing to do and for the money invested, it returns more to you
than any other lawn care item you can do.  

Your irrigation system is ready to be turned on and checked out
now. It should be warm enough in most parts of the Country to
not have any freeze damage, however use your own common
sense, if your in an area that is still cold and freezing, you won't
be needing any irrigation for a while. In our area of West
Tennessee, we start using irrigation in March if we have seeded
a new lawn, and surely by May we are needing the occasional
watering.  Given the last couple of years rainfall totals we are
hoping for a little more rain, but if not get the system up and
running, check out all the heads to be sure they are working
properly, make sure all the zones come on and turn off like they
should. Funny things happen to an irrigation system through the
winter, it was working just fine last fall when it was winterized,
but now it wants to act funny, heads pointing the wrong
direction, valves won't work, who knows why, but it happens. Get
it working now when you don't need it so when you actually do
need it, it will be working fine.

Annuals and Perennials can be planted in most of the areas in
the south by now. As long as your past the average last date of
the last frost in your area you can be pretty safe planting those
delicate annuals outside. You may need to keep some sheets
and buckets at the ready in case you get a rogue cold spell
coming through. As your planting those plants remember to use a
fertilizer/weed control product like Preen n Green or a similar
product. These combo products will provide the fertilizer the
flowers need while doing weed control. The product doesn't kill
an existing weed, but it keeps a weed seed from coming up. And
as you may know, when you work in your garden, you turn over
the soil and expose weed seeds that were buried, but now they
can get the light and temps they need to germinate, so you give
life to the weed seeds.

If you have some shrubs that need a little pruning, you can do it
now with no harm to the plant due to heat stress, but keep in
mind any shrubs that have not yet bloomed will not bloom as
much if you prune them now. General rule of thinking is prune
after they bloom. But not always, for a detailed explanation of
pruning, look at our Pruning Page.

If you have any questions that you cannot find the answer to
here, feel free to email us, our customer service people will be
glad to help you out.
Answers to Questions about your Lawn &

As Bermuda grass starts to come out of dormancy it will start to
crawl into the landscape beds. We have found
a great grass killer
that will kill the Bermuda grass in the landscape beds without
hurting the shrubs or flowers. It can be sprayed right over the top
of most everything in the beds without hurting them. It only kills
grass, it will not kill a broadleaf weed however, you will have to
pull them or use a different type of weed killer for those.
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