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November Landscape Tips                                               Puryear, TN
Winter is Getting Near!

November is a month when the Holidays are creeping up
on us and your attention turns away from the landscape for
a bit. If your still looking for things to do outside there are
always things that can be done on your Lawn and
Landscape. For starters, if you haven't already gotten the
leaves up, get them cleaned up, and keep them cleaned up
off of the lawn. Leaves laying on the grass can kill the
lawn and leave bare spots for you in the spring. You can
keep mowing the lawn every week, even though the grass
is not growing, but you will be mulching up the leaves. This
works as long as you don't have too many leaves falling on
the lawn. If they are very thick, it's best to remove them
from the lawn so as not to increase the acid content of the
soil. Continuous mulching of the leaves on the lawn will
turn the soil into an acidic soil, making it necessary to
apply lime in larger doses than you may have needed to.  
Fall is a great time to Aerate the lawn also. Aeration will
relieve soil compaction and allow water, air, and nutrients
to reach the root zone of the grass. It will also help to
eliminate moss, although aerating alone will not get rid of
moss. That's a whole separate problem in itself.

Fall bulbs can still be planted in the South in November. I
prefer to get them in the ground earlier than now, but
Bulbs will still come up by Spring and provide your Lawn &
Landscape a splash of color.
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If you are in the Southern parts
of Tn. or in AL, GA, MS you can
still plant some Fescue grass if
you are in a pinch and have
nothing but mud around. Even in
Northern TN and Southern KY
you can still put down seed and
get fair results. If it gets later in
grass to come up to give you
something other than mud you
can plant either Perennial Rye
Grass or Annual Rye Grass.
These will germinate in temps
down to the 40's. It's not a
permanent lawn for the south,
but it gives you something green
and gets rid of mud, then in
Spring or next Fall you can work
on getting a permanent lawn.

Have fun in the Lawn and
Landscape and enjoy the
downtime for Winter!