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October Lawn Care Tips

For cool season grasses, there is no better time to get
them seeded than October. The temperatures are perfect
and usually the rainfall will start to pick up later in the
month. October for some areas is traditionally dry, so
some lawn watering/irrigation will be necessary. But, you
always water a newly seeded sodded lawn anyway,
so don't let the lack of rainfall keep you from seeding,
aerating and over seeding, or sodding your lawn to get it

For more details on how much seed to use, how much
fertilizer and what kind of fertilizer, check out our

Fall is a great time to apply lime, aerate, mulch up or
remove the leaves, apply your winterizer fertilizer and
weed control application, prune your shrubs and trees that
need it, cut back roses, trim the old dead growth off of
ornamental ground cover
(Liriope) and just plain clean up.

A couple of these tasks need a little qualifying though. If
you have just seeded your lawn, Sep./Oct., don't apply a
weed control product of any kind. The weed control will
either keep some of the seed from germinating, or it could
possibly kill some of the newly sprouted grass.

Also, for newly seeded grass, if you're going to get the
leaves up off of it, (and you need to) be careful with your
equipment. Don't turn real sharp, try not to be on the lawn
when it's wet, and don't vacuum the leaves up. The
vacuum action will suck up some of the seed that hasn't
germinated yet. You don't want to even be on the grass
until your new grass is up about 4" tall. Some of it will still
be short, but lots will be up 3" to 4" tall, and some seed
will still be visible.

If you haven't
winterized your irrigation system by now,
you should do that before a hard freeze comes in your area.
It can get to around 30 or a little below and not hurt it, but
you don't want to let it get any colder before getting it
done. You won't need to water your new grass or sod any
more after it is up out of the ground (new seeding) and you
have mowed it a couple of times, for sod, once you can
grab it by the leaves and pull up without pulling the piece
of sod away from the ground, you are good to stop watering.
October closes out a lot of the lawn care items you usually need to have done for the year.
Unless you're located in a very mild climate you can probably put your lawn tools up for the year.
There is always a little of something you can find to do though if you just
have to get out there
and do some things.