Lawn and Landscaping Project Photos
Here are some photos of projects completed over the years.
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Retaining Wall Around Pool
Lawnmasters Lawn and Landscaping Project
Retaining Wall in Kentucky Lake
The picture to the left is a Sea Wall standing in
Kentucky Lake. The water is at Winter pool in
this picture, during Summer the water hits the
wall at the top of the second block. We can
regain valuable land that has been lost to
erosion by building Sea Walls.
Irrigation System Watering Zoysia Sod
Brick Flower Planter, kentucky lake
A brick flower planter we laid for a customer that needed more flower planting space.
fire pit, paver patio, sitting wall at kentucky lake
A paver patio, sitting wall and fire pit.
Firepit, retaining wall, sitting wall on Kentucky Lake
Landscaping, Sod, Irrigation installed at Kentucky Lake
Paver patio with retaining wall
on hill to gain  back lawn area
Retaining wall with landscaping
around swimming pool, pea
gravel mulch
Retaining wall at Kentucky Lake
to allow a driveway to be poured
to access the lower deck.
Kentucky Lake
Segmental Retaining Wall
with integrated steps
Retaining walls used as
property borders,
landscape beds
Retaining Wall with water
feature built into it