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Some of the Segmental Retaining walls we have built over the years. They are built from concrete
block designed to tie each other together, combined with structural geogrid and correct building
practices, these walls are stronger than a poured in place concrete retaining wall and will ultimately
cost less for a decorative wall. Since you don't have to worry about the block wall cracking, they will
last longer than a poured in place concrete wall. We have torn down several concrete walls to
replace them with Segmental Retaining Walls.
The photo to left shows what will happen if you don't know what your doing when
building a retaining wall. This was the wrong block size, no geo grid, improper
foundation, improper drainage and backfill. I really don't think there was
done right by the contractor that started this project. We were called in to build the
large wall above this mess, then tear this wall down and construct it properly. Two
of these had to be torn down and rebuilt with different block at a cost to the home
owner of around 10K. The picture on the right is after we rebuilt the two small
walls, then built the large wall in the back. It was a valuable lesson learned. Hire
someone who has built them, and knows about structural segmental retaining
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If you have a hardscape project in mind and would like an estimate for it, give
our office a call. We offer free estimates and advice on the proper placement
and construction of segmental retaining walls. These walls are very technical
to build and require an extreme knowledge of the proper techniques, do not
trust your money and property and liability to someone with no experience.