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September Lawn Care Tips   
September is the best time to do some aerating and over
seeding on fescue, ryegrass and bluegrass lawns. The
Almanac has said for years that Sep 15th to Oct 15th is the
drop down to the range that cool season grasses like.

For more information on seeding/establishing a new lawn you
might want to download our Book
"Establish and Maintain
a 1st Class Lawn - Like a Pro"

This time of the year is for seeding cool season
grasses only, warm season grasses (Bermuda,
Zoysia, Bahiaya, Buffalo, and others must be seeded
in warmer summer weather.

Fall fertilizing and weed control can be done in September as
the temps are starting to drop and a little more rainfall is
expected. We like to use a 50/50 mix of slow release/fast
release fertilizer to get the grass greened up quickly after
coming out of a long hot Summer. The slow release will carry
the grass into October with a good green color. Then we like
to apply a Winterizer application which is weed control for
broadleaf weeds, a pre-emergent weed control for some of
those Winter weeds that will be germinating soon.

Aeration can be done in September also, although there
really isn't a month that you can't aerate, fall is best, if you're
only going to do it once a year. And of course if you're going
to do some over seeding, now is the time to do that with your
aerating. You can read more on our
Aerating/Seeding Page.

Lime applications can also be done now, again, lime can be
applied most anytime through the year, but Fall is best. You
can use pelletized lime or pulverized ag lime (white powdery)
that you have probably seen the farmers applying in their
fields. We prefer to use the pelletized, it's more the
consistency of fertilizer and is easier to spread. The ag lime
is hard to spread without the proper equipment. Also,
pelletized lime will start to work faster changing the Ph of the
soil for you. And it's stronger which is a BONUS! Apply 1 40#
bag of pelletized lime per 1,000 K ft. of lawn area.

You can spread your fertilizer, seed, lime and other lawn
products with
a spreader like we use, they work much better
than the cheap units that tear up quickly. They also have
pneumatic tires and will hold 100# of fertilizer.

Or if you have a riding lawn mower that has a hitch on it, you
can pull a
fertilizer buggy like this one we like. It's much
easier to ride around spreading a few hundred pounds of
fertilizer or lime than it is to push it.
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